The service of home appliance industry is the problem  of a long-standing all the time, most friend ever felt with experience上海龙庭spa养生会馆  . For instance  , make an appointment the 上海有花头的spa店 of special offer water heater that installs to be bought newly, all sorts of complementary makings charge caught up with the price  of half water heater almost, and if chance home appliance is in,guarantee period outside broken  , so often maintain cost to be close to quickly brand-new the 1/3 that tastes market price. Cost of the price  that maintains because of home appliance, time is too high  , a 上海市黄浦区桑拿会所哪家好lot of users are final can old refuse  , buy a brand-new  again. “ time is more and more valuable all sorts of malpractice  that the consumer of ” faces home appliance industry to go up in the service, had gotten on for the ultimate  that bear. And block Sa emperor  famedly with high-end home appliance, the near future rolls out water heater to upgrade edition 7 stars serve  , the dimension that from pursuit user acme experiences spends  , will lead industry of high-end home appliance to jump  of new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward po上海静安区洗浴桑拿sition in after service respect. Experience consummate times  , the service is crucial the driving development  as home appliance of near future high end, high-end user group the character 嘉定精油spa that pays close attention to home appliance only no longer, change consumptive requirement the personalized requirement  that whether satisfies his however, had served him  to the greastest extent. Nowadays  , electric energy of home of a high end denies  of right make the best use of every thing, the installation  of this the first annulus, must accomplish fine long hair not to compromise  , the respect  such as the design that installing  of t阿拉爱上海会员验证区ime  , cost of raw materials, individuation and the function play that ensure environment of water and electricity can satisfy home appliance, want 100% implementation 上海会所为什么都关门了 . Of emperor blockin上海指压论坛g Sa upgrade 7 stars serve  , what be aimed at above all is  of this pain spot, normal installation cost of raw materials avoids  completely, the user does not need to be versed in with installation “ 全国mm信息聚凤阁battle of wits fights brave ” , installation labour also need not nod extra gains  to earn, try every means is multi-purpose complementary makings  , jumping-off place regression comes to  in good to “ installation ” . And besides the  outside letting user save worry, water heater of emperor blocking Sa still pays attention to personalized installation to design  , special esteem beauty and artistic touch  , can mature when installation aesthetic  , make a bathroom more harmonious and beautiful —— one of essence that this ability is a service全套莞式有什么  , in the  inside wh上海小费3000夜总会ole industry, can accomplish what such “ conscience install &rdquo青浦 男士spa;上海水磨休闲会所微信 to have  hardly. These change brought advantage  , want to had experienced  only, answer with respect to affirmation did not go  .     serves symbolism bedding face to accumulate existence  , the “ catchword that must improve home appliance industry to serve truly changes  of long-standing of phenomenon of ” of symbolism of ” , “ , in the fina静安铂尔曼酒店 桑拿l analysis or bu上海龙凤419siness of domestic power plant take  seriously not quite to the service, some gives other to serve business  the package outside carry out hind, caused “ mountain fastness to serve business &

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The person  that does not like, can taste the acrid  that gives tea only, and the person  that likes to drink tea, be planted by this however hardships and difficulties is alternant  , by thick reach weak flavour to attract  deeply, more realize from which even piece a lo夜上海爱上海t of the truth  that be an uprigh爱上海同城对对碰论坛 北京t person. Because of this  , to most person  , make tea entertainment friend  , also be the optimal drink  when discussi夜上海娱乐论坛ng life  , current affairs jointly. The ancients entertains friend  with tea, need is preferential and classy good water  , make tea entertains a guest after cooking  , and in modern society  , natural work coin is very hard look for  , and direct and drinkable not wholesome also  , give  of optimal tea soup to can develop bubble, g20 of machine of cleaner than Buddha benefit water condenses great master spirit and be born  , setting 6 big tea is  of preliminary adjustments sy上海怎么联系洋妞stem, press easily can take the drinking water  that uses optimal temperature. G20 of machine of cleaner than Buddha benefit water 上海gm资源with阿拉爱上海x419论坛  of innovation science and technology, layer upon layer purify  , essence of life accuses lukewarm  definitely, with pure pleasant sound water quality matchs appropriate temperature阿拉爱上海会员验证交流 wtb021  , suit to reside him home to enjoy  , suit in order to to entertain a guest 上海指压店怎么都关了more  . The  of great master spirit that holds than Buddha benefit grasps, ponder over life place to need  fro松江高端桑拿会所m the angle of consumer, wait for  with the design art that  of the most advanced technology of science and technology, human nature influences, make the product  of character of life of durative promotion consumer. From good  , to good  , this is the process  that Bifoli tries hard. Do not satisfy at a阿拉上海后花园 论坛ctual “ good &rdq上海虹口区十大油压闵行spa有花头店uo; , more the上海普陀spa &ldq上海南桥哪有荤场子uo; happiness ” that pursues prospective life. Than  of inheritance of Buddha benefit craftsmanship, with the mental  上海水磨一条龙 上海最便宜的水磨会所with demiurgic great master, make each product  , it is the life  with better implementation only.

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As the development of science and technology, while people living standard rises, environmental state also becomes abominable with each passing day  . Do not say the consumption of other energy resources that wait for high-tech because of intelligence and brings, enrage the life such as  , water and electricity like that with respect to reaching the sky must松江汇京宫 298还有吗 energy consumption gross wants to rise than last year make an appointment with 1.5 percent  . Below these premise, energy-saving decrease a platoon to wait appear particularly importa上海会所外卖工作室价格nt  . In August 2018 – October, the Shandong heart city that SDC) of the following abbreviation of (Solar Decathlon China of contest of all-round of decathlon of China International solar energy will be in those who have ” of city of “ China sun to say holds  . Benefit of brand of hundred years home appliance and the product sponsor that riverside regards this green水磨拉丝过程 the sources of energy as the match, will offer  of product of series of complete set electric home appliances

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Zhuo Yong of reporter of negotiable securities times is eating 阿拉上海后花园 论坛 of face of health master beef readily, drinking the  of a strong spirit usu. made from sorghum with full-bodied sweet continous readily, still brushing a mobile phone to going up to spell great  at the same time. This summer  , another the  since consumptive wind wave, “ is cheap ” consumes fire rise  . Will see  from the expression of 2 class market, when fluid of Maotai  , 5 grain and home appliance of a few bibcock these once Bai Ma share price is behav上海品茶网ed flatly while  , 上海水磨会所论坛hot pickled mustard tuber of hill of the health master  with commodity low price, Fu and the suitable Xin agriculture that produce a strong spirit usu. made from sorghum because outstanding achievement and ” of Qi Fei of share price “ and suffer attention  fully. On one hand  , consumption upgrades ground of like a raging fire undertakes  , on the other hand  , the “ of cheap of more quarry beautiful price goes against consumption to upgrade ” phenomenon appears again and again  , reflect especially in  of consumer goods domain. No matter be,“ goes against consumption to upgrade ” , cannot the reality of oversight is  , low pledges the commodity demand of actor enlarges  ceaselessly, those once ordinary traditional goods is rising afresh  , and what the industry condition tha上海最新夜上海论坛t lays commodity of cheap of product beautiful value around demand of more extensive consumption is making capital is new bestow favor on  . Before second line consumes an outstanding achievemen上海全套水磨会所外买t and ” of Qi Fei of share price “ a few years negative news frequency gives outstanding achievement share price  , the health master that is known as Chinese quick pass the time in a leisurely way to taste a delegate fades out of our eye shot  gradually it seems that, be in even上海香草419论坛照片 what share price dropp上海足疗店一条街 上海哪条路指压店多ed to 6 HK dollar in June 2016 is low a  . But from 2017 second half of the year begins up to now  , its share price walks along tall  all the way, one year time share price turned over  one time, highest when the exalted  that approachs 20 HK dollar, market prise approachs one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two  . When although be in,index of Shanghai deep harbor will fall defeat consid上海贵族宝贝油压论坛erably this year in June  , the share price of heal上海十大顶级夜总会th master still maintains go against  of the raise on situation. Health master releases the newspaper shows  first quarter this year, up to on March 31, 2018 the  inside 3 months, health master realizes business income 150.37 100 mil上海油压店是不是严打l上海后花园论坛ion yuan of  , with rose compared to the same period last year 5.91% . Indebted grow compared to the same period at accrual  , 现在上海干磨店一览表wool interest rate improves  compared to the same period, net first quarter gain rose compared to the same period 2018 50.上海日式拉丝水磨服务58% comes 7.15 100 million  . Among them  , the growth of convenient cover and drink business brought bigger contributive  for its. As with convenient cover similar necessaries of life represents  , the share price of Fu hill2019上海水磨查的严嘛 hot pickled mustard tuber is paid close attention to  as much. Begin  from July 2017, the share price of Fu hill hot pickled mustard tuber all the way climb  , from 11 yuan of or so  when those, climb litre to near future apogee 30 yuan control  . Fu hill hot pickled mustard tuber 2018 money year the company does business first half of the year income 10.64 100 上海闵行区南美水疗million yuan of  , relatively the 7.93 of the corresponding period rose 100 million yuan last year 34.11% . Attributive appear on the market the net profit of partner is 3.05 100 million yuan of  , relatively last year the corresponding period

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Piao of Li Yige column should bring into chummage building city adjusting control on August 17, 2018 07:021 centuries economy reports 0     problem discussion is much if Li Yige concerns chummage recently rise  . Have weig阿拉爱上海 休闲预警h  from media, the chummage of some cities is short-term inside rise 50% , cause large quantities of  that rent a settle or live in a strange place ” resonant  ”  , especially the young friend  of big city. I had told  for many times, the housing market that rent is whole estate problem discussion is much if concerning chummage r静安区深海spaecently rise  . Have weigh  from media, the chummage of some cities is short-term inside rise 50% , cause large quantities of  that rent a settle or l上海水磨干磨会所ive in a strange place ” resonant  ”  , especially the young friend  of big city. I had told  for many times, the housing market that rent is the m上海青浦休闲会所全套ain component 上海会所微信 of whole estate market. Since 2016  , the development  that national height takes housing seriously to rent the market, the development housing that administration department and each district publish ren夜上海爱上海ts the concentrated  of policy, since executing housing commercialization therefore, place did not see  . There are many beside me 90 hind the friend expresses  , if housing rents market 按摩398套餐口吹maturity to stabilize  , rent a house all the time irrespective also  . Although solve housing problem  through renting a house, have not occupy  of main body scale, but the housing consumption idea of young generation is really occurrent me宝山水疗群tabolic  . But hire must be in can bear limits  . Often the expert amounts to economic system to be with Euramerican hair exemple weigh  , housing hire takes income 30% the left and right sides is but susceptive  . The child that I have a friend works in American los angeles and Boston 上海外国妞多的酒吧 , monthly pay  of 4000 much dollars, one-room flat chummage  of 1000 much dollars, occupy comparing is 30% about. But with los angeles Boston chummage and Beijing Shanghai compare  , endless and上海 水磨 干磨 什么意思 appropriate  . The house is carrying the social attribute that is in a city and additional cost  , exterior hire may not can reflect  . Bypass these  , preparation hires the friend’s child two years to buy room  , with its income also cans afford  , but it is the youth  that rents a house in Beijing Shanghai with 30% income together, short-term inside still can not afford room  probably. Hiring room gens to change to hire is relatively sensitive  . Fuji health worker  , hire  of the village in the city, lunar hire goes up 100 metropolises are very nervous  ; Hire of month of Beijing Shanghai white-collar goes up 349 also establish feeling pressure  . Hiring the majority that the house lives上海现在哪有油压 is medium  of low income crowd, a of estate adjusting control main goal is the housing problem  of low income crowd in solving, say  from this meaning, housing rents the market to have  of certain social security property, bring into housing hire  of limits of building city adjusting control, it is the  that accords with logic. But adjusting control differs to intervene at usi上海贵族宝贝会所ng administrative method h上海静安寺附近桑拿ousing hires golden  directly, make hire for instance  of highest price fixing. The existing housing that rent is supplied with commercializing giv上海洗浴中心排名 e priority to  , room source gives priority to  with dweller individual, hire is basic it is to commercialize price  , besides the fair  that rent a house, administration intervenes directly also won’t do  . You always cannot send an announcement  ,  of zone of well of king government office, 2 bedrooms hire must not exceed 上海best spa850

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EBay 上海后花园419of website of foreign 2019年上海松江ktv关门famous au上海君爵男士spa会所 退卡ction announced to combine 3 companies recently, for consumer the 103915 installation tha上海水磨论坛 上海浦东全套水磨会所t offer the goods such as TV, 265285 furniture, bicycle are mixed assemble 36107 services. The customer that needs 36107 services can be directly below EBay website odd, in Handy, choose to be added into luggage to deserve to mix in InstallerNet and Home Porch3 company installation. After next sheet, relevant company makes an appointment with respect to me上海gm资源群eting and you time comes to serve for you. In a 上海桑拿休闲会所statement that provides in outward intermediary TechCrunch103915, EBay purchases vice-president Alyssa Steele to express to there is th2019年上海水磨高端服务e thing that a lot of needs assemble on company platform, and this second collabor上海高档洗浴会所吧ation allows more of consumer bring into contact 水磨不限次数什么意思with p普陀山桑拿会所ro上海路边按摩指压 上海指压按摩论坛fessional阿拉爱上海 自荐 personage. In fact this is not is EBay provides similar service first, associated2019上海有花头的浴场 Handy and fertile Er Ma were the u爱上海自荐贴ser that buys car tire to offer last year come to install 上海半岛国际水疗会所a service.

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The high speed that our country comes to 40 years through reforming and opening develops, the consumptive demand of consumer produced the ch闵行区龙柏spaange of world-shaking, consumption upgrades the trend is remarkable. Consume demand from ” dress warmly and ear one’s fill ” to ” character ” 阿拉爱上海同城交友对对碰transition, “Character is consumed ” had made consumptive new requirement. According to Su Ningyun tr上海市spaade investigation shows, the demand body that consumer lives to character consumption, happiness is the following now 3 respects. Above all, in respect of product intelligence sex, the apt when at present consumer buys上海半岛国际水疗会所 home appliance is new-style intelligence is convenient the choice of home appliance, for instance the Pptv intelligence TV, ro上海松江莞式水磨洗浴休闲中心bot that brush a window, sweep the floor the robot, the occurrence of these intelligent home appliance and popularity liberated the both hands of consumer thoroughly, make the life becomes more simple; Next, in the gender valence comparing seeks a respect, as the development of science and technology, each produce moral character price of old brand with the type more identical than tending, of the product practical and must the gender turns into the business that consumer care minds, character consumption and promotion life character became the target that consumer seeks from beginning to end; Finally, in consumptive doorsill respect, borrow egoistically in Su Ning, cash red bag, random stand decrease after waiting for financial product to appear, cost, edge pays to enjoy an edge to pay cost to make a kind of air after be being enjoyed first, consumer has more fortune to go after his to consider bought product, “Eye arrived, actual strength did not arrive ” an anxiety that once was young customer, and Su Ning escorts the Emperor for consumer with true gold silver now convoy, to character is consumed a阿拉爱上海同城对对碰aishnd promoting happiness standard of living had positive effect. Consumption promoted the develop上海徐汇区spa推荐ment of the progress of science and technology and society, cite a case for, cabinet form air conditioning, hang be the rage of machine air conditioning, and the central air conditioning that nearly two years popularity rises, by right of do not blow continuously, the new choice that the characteristic with space of more beautiful, province, tall energy-saving, low pronunciation, good effect made consumer. Happines阿拉爱上海同城对对碰s of character consumption, promotion lays the issue that is consumer no上海不准上海嘉定区spa不开心靠谱吗t just alive, it is returned and manufacturer, 上海甜心会所distributors is close together and relevant. Su Ning combines the advantage of oneself science and technology, use artificial intelligence technology, produced business to create the intelligent artifacts of acoustics of small Biu of numerous such as jointly, its can sing not only can taletelling, return the each type home appliance such as air conditioning of can long-ra上海松江闵行莞式会所nge control, TV, make the life o上海指压飞机店f consumer is full of gout; On the sale, su Ning still depends上海梅岭支路男士spa on him old retail experience, raise wisdom retail, bring unique shopping experience to consumer. During great urge, su Ning buys minimum price of inn of entire network complete substance also is stimulative consumption easily to exceed powerful motive force, according to Su Ning newest divulge ” double 11 ” battlefield report, “Double 11 ” during Su Ning offers red Bao Heli to reduce privilege for two people, whole trench order grows 132% compared to the same period, su Ning content sheds the one service inside the hour two order, five person-time are bought easily to Su Ning shop, su Ning buys APP easily successive a list 上海贵族宝贝高端会所of names posted up of 10 Tian Rongdeng APPStore are odd the first. As we have learned, upgrade to promote consumption, jiangsu saves business affairs hall to plan to develop the project that consumes stimulative month. Su Ning is answered actively, be about to hold ” character lives, happiness is in Jiangsu ” activity, for character consumption, promotion good life uses up him again a force. Come out according to inside information, “With old change new ” will become ” character lives, happiness is in Jiangsu ” mobile window, consumer is participated in ” with old change new ” , highest can enjoy 3 times subsidy, su Ning still will be offerred for its one-stop service, more economic time; Be aimed at numerous village, still will offer detect freely the activity such as machine of maintenance air conditioning, water heater, lampblack. Jiang Qingyun

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Civil / Deng Zhufeng of reporter of Guangzhou daily entire media, Wenlitu / He Bo of reporter of Guangzhou daily entire media yesterday, congress of 2018 China safe industry is held in 1000 lamps lakefront, attract delegate of ente上海闵行高级私家水磨rprise of bibcock of safe industry of many 2500 safe industry expert, China to assemble in Fosan, include 360 waited for enterprise of science and technology to bring product of science and tech上海浦东全套干磨会所 上海干磨会所nology of forward position of a few safe industries, let National People’s Congress open horizon. In addition, the Fosan of settle of project of forward position technology of domain of 13 safe industries, the project is involved make, the many domains such as service, platform, the safety that will be Fosan industry economy, society and can expand infuse new power continuously. 45888 high-rise of   of scanning of black science and technology flee for his life god implement: 51319 knapsack flee for his life to change on the back big city of body spider a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct 45888 high-rise are bristly, if how the high level produces fire to flee for one’s life? In congress spot, how civilian limited company of group of industry of science and technology flees for 阿拉爱上海发廊论坛his life with respect to what bring a the moment of truth to be able to help god implement上海贵族宝贝419论坛 — An Minrui fast quarter flee for one’s life 51319 knapsack. This knapsack looks modelling and common satchel similar,上海有没有男士spa nevertheless the front is red, mentioned expressly markedly model of written characters of 119 fire control, weight amounts to 20 jins or so. Stock intelligence delay deserves to fall inside satchel the fittings such as system of equipment, safety glove, safe hammer, lighting, proper motion of movement of equipment of core of the moment of truth generates electricity system, make sure the system is regular power supply. When fire comes, this knapsack can change for an instant of body spider a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct flee for one’s life knapsack. Want good safety belt of the knapsack on the back, department only, bury knapsack link up with and window beforehand at the same time hang buckle join, OK from any easy open or broken window safety slowly descend to safe ground. Chief expresses related the company, the safe rope of this knapsack has the different order and degree such as 50~150, get上海宝山水磨会所全套 used to different floor demand, after using, usable capstan undertakes reclaiming. At present this one knapsack also be waited f上海最新夜上海论坛or by Fosan this locality gradually citizen choose and buy. Lash-up fire extinguisher: Small safe fruit is thrown away can put out a fire a small safe fruit, the moment of truth can extinguish fire. The spot, the safe fruit with an a red, novel and 夜上海最新论坛fashio上海莞式水磨洗浴休闲中心nable modelling causes numerous honored guest surround view. According to introducing, safe fruit is to have equipment a group of things with common features ” cast lash-up fire extinguisher ” spread a name. This small safe fruit, the face has efficient extinguishing chemical in. When fire happening, should take safe fruit face to catch fire only seedling root ministry, remote cast can achieve the isolation oxygen, put out a fire, goal that increases combustible burning point. After safe fruit pitching, case of the meeting after be being cont上海不准不开心靠谱吗acted with good thing is broken, drug instant is released, through dropping in temp2017上海会所扫黄现金erature, cut off the purpose of aerobic implementation put out a fire. This fire extinguisher also had applied for national patent to protect. Chen Peng of manager of big client of equipment a group of things with common features expresses, safe fruit can come true put out fire has first, open flee for one’s life the function such as the passageway, suit to include group of old p上海嘉定不正规足浴erson, child, disabled weak force to use, it is traditional spending civil the complement that change is tasted. Chen Peng expresses, because the market is good as good as industrial form a complete set, the company has set minute of plant in Fosan, produce the fire extinguisher of this one vogue, simple easy operation technically. Intelligence does not have man-machine: But levee of go on a tour of inspection is returned can early-warning regimen spot, the safety of上海打一次炮多少钱 this locality enterprise reveals Fosan to grab an eye likewise. Inside exhibition hall of limited company of science and technology of intelligence of Fosan world extensive region, two alas are exhi上海gm吧bited what mix 1.2 meters for 3.2 meters respectively is perpendicular case fall fixed ala attracted lamp of numerous magnesium light without man-machine. This is by this locality enterprise own research and development ” core cerebra ” unmanned aircraft, but in irrigation works censorial, environmental protection is monitored, the city is integrated the many domains such as processing ” distinguish oneself ” . Do not have provider of solution of man-machine domain trade as ” invisible champion enterprise ” , intelligence of world extensive region is offerred be based on unmanned aircraft to apply a solution in irrigation works censorial, environmental protection i上海龙风419桑拿论坛s monitored, of the much territory such as survey of urban processing, plot apply. It is with irrigation works domain exemple, adopt systematic platform, can check mound of unmanned aircraft make one’s rounds, to management of monitoring of mouth of large dams brake, still can be opposite at the same time sod of vegetation of regimen, levee is destroyed wait for unusual situation to undertake

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Annual ” double 208514 11 ” fell heavy curtain, now 10097 double 208514 11, platform of each big cable business handed over an again record-breaking spending detailed list again. Data shows, double 11 duri阿拉爱上海 会员验证区ng, day cat clinchs a deal amount 213.5 billion yuan, Beijing east clinch a deal amount 159.8 billion yuan, Su Ning is bought easily grow 132% compared to昆山水磨论坛 the same period. Product 上海后花园论坛 2019年of 60275 home appliance serves as pair of important consumable of 11, also performing a sale during the activity ” orgiastic ” . Data of 60275 home appliance produces heat, color television double 11 sales glide to show according to day cat data several years fi爱上海 阿拉爱上海rst, up to 11 days at 12 o’clock, day cat double 11 already have 167 brands to had clinched a deal 100 million, and in 100 million yuan of clubs, beautiful,   of before enterprise of home applianc上海宝山 男子spae of 3 big white all enters force of sea Er, division 10; occupies Beijing east data shows, 11 days that day, 36 seconds sale breaks through the TV in home appliance category 100 million, 40 seconds defeat air conditioning 100 million, ice washs category 3 minutes to break through big data of Su Ning of   of 300 million; to show, 11 days that day, open carry out 23 seconds, sale of refrigerator washing machine de上海 域spafeats 100 million; to open carry out 28 seconds, color television sale defeats 100 million; to open carry out 35 seconds, air conditioning sale is lousy 100 million. Before a few years, electric business medium of communication to home appliance enterprise more be ” reserve ” , fill a low end market; and nowadays, be in new below the drive with retail, retail wisdom, industry of whole home appliance begins trade of overall position report, devote oneself to to make a line go up to issue unifinication with the line, and double 11 regard important report as business shopping division, also having cru上海龙凤419桑拿论坛cial effect to the outstanding achievement of home appliance industry. Although,do not pass double the上海景spa 11 integral data that day are relatively satisfactory, but what also fail to change color television market is low fan. According to Ao Weiyun net (data is monitored to show on AVC) line, on November 5, 2018 – 11 days, color television sale is 2.596 million, drop compared to the same period 10.2%; sale is 6.36 billion yuan, drop c上海虹口区十大油压店ompared to the same period 21.8%; this also is from ” double 11 ” sales promotion activity begins, color television sales volume gives now to slip first. Home appliance double 11 keywords: Consumption of big healthy intelligence upgrades below spring tide, home appliance consumes climate violent change. Accompany those who follow a group of new medium income to rise abruptly, consumer tends gradually to the consumptive demand of home appliance product diversity. Double this year 11 during, big home appliance, healthy home appliance, intelligence home appliance is more and more welcome. According to Beijing east big data shows, double 11 during 2000 yuan of 75 inches of TV, above sweep the floor robot, unmanned aircraft, fall t上海419品茶论坛he sale of the cat阿拉爱上海fl足浴egory such as earphone of闵行双人推油 a confusion of voices grows 4 times compared to the same period or more, the category such as health care of humidifier of 400 yuan of automatic and clean air conditioning, above, nutrition increases high-energy effect   of; of 2 times above occupies Su Ning big data to show, double 11 during 65 inches reach above health care of freezer of big screen TV, much door, dryer, healthy air conditioning, medicine tastes the sale amplitude that waits for category to precede;   occupies Ao Weiyun net (data is monitored to show on AVC) line, on November 5, 2018 – 11 days, 55 inches of TV are held with the portion of 34.5% the first, and portion of 65 inches of TV is 16.3% , grow 10.3% compared to the same period, become double a 11 a dark horse during. It is consumer no matter, 40826 still上海sn论坛 be home appliance enterprise, to double the manner of 11 and fixed position had produced a change, zhang Yong also expresses double 11 be old organisms’ habits of socialization big division of labor, big colla上海市黄浦区桑拿会所哪家好boration and 寻甸金山水疗价格society witness best in coordination. Future, also hope electric business shopping division can make the culture mark that consumes the life, adopt the management that strengthens pair of electric business shopping divisions and change, aid transition of industry of cable of the state in pushing to upgrade change.

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